McComb Legacies Blog


McComb Legacies is a youth leadership program that provides middle and high school youth with the opportunity to learn about, document, and share their local civil rights movement and labor history. Participants also use the lessons learned from history to examine and take action to improve their world today.

The website is designed to share the history of McComb, Miss., with an emphasis on the stories of working people of all races, women, and young people and how they have strived for equity in labor, civics, education, economics, and the arts. The site is designed by students with an emphasis on oral histories conducted by students in an effort to understand, preserve, and share their local history. is a collaborative effort of the McComb School District and community members of the Local History Advisory Committee who are committed to the research, documentation, and sharing of McComb’s history.

The website and this news blog are supported in part by a grant from the W. K. Kellogg Foundation to Teaching for Change called “A Community of Promise: Building Strong Schools and Neighborhoods Through History, Activism, and Collaboration.”

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