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Dr. King Memorial Architect Tells Students: “We carve our own destiny early.”

October 22, 2012 by Admin in Events, Featured

A group of students met with Dr. Jackson in the McComb School District Board Room. They learned about his work on the Memorial and shared the photos from their trip to DC in June, 2012.

McComb students visit the Dr. King Memorial in June, 2012 while in DC for the National History Day competition.

On Oct. 19, McComb high school students experienced an up close and personal interview session framed by inspiring words to culminate the homecoming activities for the week.

Dr. Ed Jackson, chief architect of the Martin Luther King Memorial, had returned to his hometown as a Hall of Fame honoree. He encouraged the students to live by the mantra that failure should never be an option. This was an integral philosophy that was drilled into him as a student at McComb’s Higgins High School in the 1960s.

Students were enthralled by his words and experiences. They took pride in the fact that he shares their hometown of McComb.

Likewise, Dr. Jackson was pleased to learn that a group of 13 McComb High School students and their teachers had visited the Memorial when they were in DC in June for an educational tour and the National History Day competition.

Laughter and awe abounded as Dr. Jackson and former teacher, Johnny Gilmore, reminisced about Jackson’s senior year at Higgins: Jackson and his senior class penned the class motto: “We carve our own destiny early.”  The epiphany of the foreshadowing of this motto left everyone motivated and ready to carve their destinies as well.

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